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Asesoría migratoria, Immigration services, Relocation Lima
Asesoría migratoria, Immigration services, Relocation Lima

Our services

Administrative procedures in Peru can be exhausting and endless without the right information about required documents, formalities and legal deadlines. This is why our company offers a personalized and integral solution for migratory, labor and business procedures in the country, taking care from start to finish of everything needed.
Did you just arrived in Peru and need to obtain your residency? Does your company require hiring or relocating foreign employees? Do you need to establish a company or branch office in Peru? Do you need to get the apostille for your Peruvian legal documents? We have the best alternatives to fulfill your project in Peru.

Migratory and Labor


General procedures

Migratory and labor

  • Residence applications and foreigner identification card

  • Temporal and resident visa applications

  • Residence and visa extensions

  • Permit to travel, permit to sign documents and other migratory procedures

  • Labor planning and hiring process for foreigners
  • Labor contract extension and modification drafting

  • Consultation in company´s labor and tax obligations


  • Assistance in internalization for foreign companies

  • Company creation and administration

  • Manager and representative inscriptions

  • Statutes modification, capital increase or reduction process

  • Supplier and business contact research in Peru

General procedures

  • Assistance in foreigner relocation

  • Foreign degree recognition

  • Foreign document translation

  • Legalization for foreign documents to be recognized in Peru

  • Legalization and apostille for Peruvian documents to be recognized abroad

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